TOTUS is a web-based marketing automation solution centralizing all of your marketing materials, distribution channels, user and customer data, and vendors to be facilitated into one platform allowing your users to reach prospects and customers more effectively. TOTUS facilitates all marketing channels including: Email, Print-On-Demand, Direct mail, social media, fulfillment/company store, ad builder, presentation builder as well as the ability to download a variety of documents. 

All documents are completely brand compliant and legal approved while allowing users the ability to personalize as well as customize them to meet their needs. Choose where you let your users change a few words or write their own copy. Add an approval process, or send it straight to the recipient. Marketing is in your control. 

TOTUS has a built-in campaign feature. This allows users to do a one-step subscription to campaigns such as: Birthday, holiday and monthly newsletter campaigns. This increases the opportunity to convert prospects to customers quicker as well as increase customer retention. With campaigns, users are offered multiple documents that can be linked together and dripped out as a multi-step marketing campaign. Mortgage companies often used the campaign feature for follow ups after closing a loan. Some of these campaigns range from Direct mail to email documents and are set up to run automatically for 3 years. 

TOTUS is also a powerful integration platform, integrating from large CRMs such as Salesforce to smaller scale CRM platforms. TOTUS has the ability to integrate with human resources platforms for easier onboarding of new employees. When a new employee is added, TOTUS can automatically pull that data and have the user set up with credentials. TOTUS can also easily being integrated with SSO to other vendor platforms such as company stores and print vendors.

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