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Search Engine Optimization Services

Vanick's search engine optimization (SEO) service is designed to support and work in conjunction with your current site promotion efforts like social media, online ads, and offline marketing. Simply put: our Memphis SEO services meet your goals by making your brand known online.

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is the practice of convincing Google, Bing, and other search engines that your website is a reliable authority about specific topics. The higher the perception of your authority, the higher you will be ranked on the search engine's results page.

Our SEO Process


Getting the most out of your website is not just about search engine rankings, page views, and technical optimization. It's about understanding your target audience and providing them with a meaningful online experience that brings in results for your business. Once we get to know your industry and competition, we focus on SEO tactics that drive results and generate revenue.


At the beginning of your campaign, our Memphis SEO team identifies your target audience and develops a customized strategy that will attract them to your website. Before creating content and building links, we evaluate the interests and online behaviors of your ideal customer. From there, we focus on developing messaging that effectively and efficiently reaches users.


Our team doesn't rely on canned techniques that only produce short-term results. Instead, we customize your SEO campaign to the goals you have for your website. Once your campaign is underway, we focus on optimizing website performance to attract qualified traffic and generate leads.

Reports and Fine Tuning

Successful SEO won't function if your strategy centers on "seeing what sticks." As we progress through your campaign, our team will evaluate search trends, historical data, and your analytics to find out where adjustments need to be made.

Our Approach

Focus on conversion tracking

Whether we're building a new site or helping you with your existing one, we start each campaign by identifying the website conversions that are key to reaching your business goals. Tracking and evaluating these conversion points allows us to effectively monitor the value of our on-going effort and your return-on-investment.

Value-based metrics

Frustrated with generic reports and long lists of keyword rankings? So are we. Instead, we get down to what matters by identifying the metrics that communicate exactly how your web presence is meeting your goals. Our guarantee: no data dump or analytics learning curve for you or your team.

Comprehensive assistance delivering value, not extra work

When you partner with Vanick Memphis for SEO, our team will be an extension of yours. We strive to offer real value to your organization - not the stress that comes with additional tasks for you and your employees. Don't worry about writing blogs each week or making content changes on your site; we've got it covered.

Results and research breed changes

No two SEO campaigns will ever be alike. That's why we pay close attention to analytics and KPIs to determine what's working and what needs to be fixed. Our team makes strategic decisions backed by research, not hunches.

How We Are Unique

Conversions, not just traffic

Vanick does not measure online success solely in the number of page views or rankings of keywords. We focus on the measurable results that you can truly take to the bank: goal completions and increased revenue.

Convenient reporting, not data overload

We provide 24/7 access to a fully-customized analytics dashboard that offers meaningful insights into the progress of your campaign. You won't have to wait for complicated, generic monthly reports that provide hard-to-interpret surface metrics. Your team will be fully informed on what we're working on, how your site is performing, and the value we're delivering for your business.

Communication, not jargon-based obfuscation.

Have you ever had terms like "link juice," "rel=canonical," or "PageRank" hurled at you without warning? Many SEO companies are plagued by an overuse of technical-speak that causes nothing but frustration and confusion. We believe in communicating in a language that everyone can easily comprehend.

What We Deliver

Search Engine Optimization

During the first month of your campaign, we evaluate your site for search engine friendliness. Once we fix any technical errors or content issues we see, we will ensure your website is set up for long-term performance in Google and Bing.

Social Media Consulting

Social Media has become an essential part of any SEO campaign. Search engines look at your brand's performance on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ as a key indicator for keyword rankings. We can help you create engaging content that supports your ongoing online marketing efforts.

Online PR

If you have something to announce, we'll make sure it gets seen in search engines and news outlets. We'll create and optimize press releases that increase traffic and build quality links to your site.

PPC Ad Management

If you're looking for a short-term boost to your search engine traffic, we'll help you get started with pay-per-click ads on platforms like Google or Bing.

Link Building

Incoming links to your website are one of the primary factors search engines use to determine the quality of your website. As a part of your campaign, we will work on acquiring links from quality sites relevant to your niche.

Analytics Evaluation and Reporting

We'll provide your team with deep, meaningful analytics that provide insight into the overall performance of your site and the return on your SEO investment.

How Much Does SEO Cost

The cost for Vanick's Memphis SEO services is broken into two categories:

Initial Optimization and Analytics Benchmark

A one-time, start-up fee for identifying on-site content issues and technical errors. Our experienced web development team will make any necessary changes to the structure of your site to make your site search engine friendly.

On-going SEO Service

A monthly service fee for maintaining and promoting the site in search engines. Includes content creation, link building, social media consulting, and analytics reporting.