SharePoint Migration Services


A SharePoint migration may seem overwhelming, but the process doesn’t have to be daunting. With the right guidance, a migration can be done without disrupting the normal flow of business.

We support migration from end-to-end, which includes a review of the current platform, clean up, capacity planning for new environmental migration, and governance to maintain a healthy farm. We have the expertise needed to educate your business on the latest features and how to best leverage SharePoint to tackle any challenge.

Using an outdated intranet platform can mean any of the following:

  • a poor user experience
  • a low employee adoption rate
  • underutilized critical features
  • a lack of storage space
  • inefficient communication
  • stale content

We can help your business transition from your legacy collaboration system to the latest versions of SharePoint. By moving to a new environment, you will have more opportunity to improve communication, strengthen employee collaboration, and automate business processes. The new environment is also more organized and easier to use. An upgraded SharePoint platform provides security and efficiency for enterprise level collaboration by leveraging enhanced workflow and search engines.

With an upgraded environment, the ability to “talk” to other line of business (LOB) systems to integrate business data is enhanced. This means that all of your business reporting and processes can be accessed from one place, which enables greater efficiency across departments.

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