SharePoint Expert Consulting

To build a successful SharePoint site, you need a team of experts guiding the way. Our Microsoft certified professionals have years of experience solving business needs. Here’s how we’ll help you reach your goals:

SharePoint Governance

Your business has unique goals, and you need policies in place that control how those goals are achieved. A strong governance plan is crucial to achieving a positive return on your technology investment. Governance is about minimizing risk, ensuring accurate data, and determining the knowledge needed for everyone using the SharePoint platform.

Because our team works so closely with SharePoint, we are highly qualified to create a successful SharePoint Governance Plan. This guide establishes rules for appropriate use of the platform as well as roles and responsibilities for all users.

SharePoint Audit

The Microsoft SharePoint Product Team has built a well-architected platform that can run with minimal supervision, but because it is highly customizable, a regularly scheduled review is necessary to ensure and maintain a successful farm. The platform is built for collaboration and has many back-end components to it – workflows, search, metadata management, and document management, to name a few – so periodic reviews of those processes and platform usage helps maintain the farm. Perhaps most importantly, these audits help gain the trust of the end user because they are fast, responsive, and take the organization’s service level objectives into consideration. Vanick’s SharePoint team of system administrators can help businesses review the current farm topology, review logs for any critical or unexpected occurrence, or make recommendations on optimizing usage and increasing performance of the platform.

SharePoint Planning

Just as you wouldn’t start building a house without a blueprint, you wouldn’t undergo a SharePoint migration or implementation without a plan in place. A migration plan defines business goals and finds a way to use SharePoint to meet those objectives. The plan also takes into consideration which sites should be removed, which should be migrated, and what should be created to fill in any gaps. A migration plan is more than moving data, it’s a way to meet needs and deliver value to your business.