Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development

This rapidly approaching trend needs to be quickly addressed...

By the creation of an achievable, long-term mobile strategy that will lead to the tactical implementation of a mobile application.

For years, Memphis mobile app developer Vanick Digital has been a Microsoft Mobile Solutions Partner. We can apply our proven expertise in mobile development and our successes in enterprise systems integration to help your team put together a solid strategy for taking your business mobile.

Responsive Mobile Websites

The mobile phone is a pervasive device. We can now communicate and search for information anytime, anyplace. Having a website that is designed for the mobile device is a must if you want your online users to have the same quality, branded experience on their phone as they get from your website. They are no longer sitting at their PC with time and screen real-estate to spare. They are on the go and looking for quick, easy answers.

Vanick Digital can design a user experience that will complement the brand of your company and your .com site while giving careful consideration to the demands of mobile search engine optimization and the varied mobile device world.

Smartphone and Tablet Applications

Mobile websites are great for acquiring new customers, but when a customer wants to interact with your company, you need to go a step further. Building a Smartphone or tablet application that will deliver convenient services to your customers will keep you relevant with the rapidly growing mobile market.

We have experience with multiple mobile platforms including:

  • iPhone App Development
  • iPad App Development
  • Android App Development

Vanick Digital will work with your business to develop a mobile application strategy. We will spend time with your business understanding your customers and services, then we will work collaboratively to define and design services that will engage your customers, create savings, and capture new revenue opportunities.

Mobile Handhelds

Vanick Digital has years of experience creating handheld applications for our customers. Different than the customer-centric Smartphone world, the Mobile Handheld is an ideal solution when it comes to business enablement. It allows you to create rich, secure functionality for a known user and a known platform. Let Vanick use its years of experience to assist you in the development of your next Mobile Handheld application.