Application Lifecycle Management

Outsourced Application Lifecycle Management

Many organizations have realized that software development, testing and maintenance activities are best handled by experts...

That can provide the economies of scale, source talent from multiple markets and utilize the best practices and state-of-the-art technologies for delivering the best results.

Vanick Digital provides services across the entire application lifecycle spanning Design, Development, Integration, Testing, Maintenance, and Re-engineering services to address the above challenges. We can work with our customers to provide either point solutions focused on specific areas of application lifecycles, or provide turnkey solutions to manage the end-to-end lifecycle of applications from design to delivery to maintenance.

Our Value Proposition

  • Excellence in project management, with local account and project managers providing day-to-day client contact.
  • Proven processes based on experience helping software providers and enterprise clients effectively outsource software services.
  • Extensive domain expertise based on our multiple engagements with clients in different industry sectors.
  • Expertise in leading and emerging technologies such as Microsoft .NET, framework-based development, Mobile Applications, Cloud Computing, and SOA.

Engagement Model

We provide a mature and proven IT application lifecycle management process governed by our strict focus on delivering the highest value solutions with consistent quality to our customers. Our process leverages the best practices from different application development methodologies like Iterative Development, Prototyping, Rapid Application Development, and AGILE, and applies these in a logical and effective fashion best suited to our customers. Our holistic approach ensures consistent service delivery while creating knowledge to engineer better solutions in the future.


Vanick Digital provides you with complete Application Lifecycle Management solutions which include Application Portfolio Support and Maintenance Services, Testing Services, and Migration Services. Some of our important offerings are mentioned below in each of these services.

Application Support & Maintenance

  • Knowledge Management and Transition
  • Hosting Provider Management
  • Application Support & Enhancements
  • Compliance Mechanisms Setup
  • Performance Optimization
  • Code Re-factoring for Code Optimization
  • Integrated Best practices
  • Application Monitoring and Governance

Testing Services

  • Test Strategy and Plans
  • Testing Activities that include Manual and Automated Testing
  • Systems Testing Activities that include Functional, Integration and Non Functional Testing

Migration Services

  • Application Assessment
  • Evaluation of Alternative Solutions
  • Selection of a Best-Fit Alternative
  • Migration Strategy and Road-Map
  • Migration Planning and Execution
  • Testing, Deploying and Decommissioning

Sensitive Data Solutions

  • Management of PII, Financial Data, HIPPA
  • PCI Compliant

"Increasingly, Global 2000 organizations are looking to service providers to enable development and customization of key software applications, and they rely as well on strong application lifecycle management practices to ensure adaptability and success."
-IDC Worldwide Application Life-Cycle Management Services 2007–2011 Forecast, Doc# 210131

"SOA enablement is also expected to influence increased adoption of application lifecycle management services as business processes are more tightly integrated and optimized in support of the application portfolio."
-IDC Worldwide Application Life-Cycle Management Services 2007–2011 Forecast, Doc# 210131