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Agile Consulting and Transformation

We help align people, processes, and solutions to modern dev practices. Our services focus on increasing the business value of your software development, helping you transform to and scale agile practices.

Agile has shown to be one of the strongest methodologies for developing new software products. More than 20% of IT companies are either experimenting with agile or are in the process of an Agile initiative. Over 25% of development teams exclusively use Agile. Vanick's Agile Practice is here to help you adopt, improve, and assist you with your software development practices.

Our engagements begin with an evaluation of your current state. We work with your team and review your current processes and form a recommendation of what you should transition to and why. In our assessment we work with your IT teams and your business units to understand your pain points. After our assessment, we walk your team through our recommendations and transition plan.

Often the beginning of the transition starts with training classes to better educate your team around Agile, and the specific flavor we are recommending for your team. The next step is piloting the transition with just one or two teams. This gives your internal team an example to follow, and allows us to see likely challenges appear.

After the pilot program, typically we begin scaling agile across your appropriate teams. This includes your executive team, to better help them understand best practices for agile portfolio planning.

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