What is API Productization? - Productization is a set of behaviors, practices, and desired outcomes that lead you to a place where your APIs are evidently useful to the consumers and they are intuitively easy to use.  They require minimal documentation and when they require documentation the information is easily consumable. Think of super lightweight, trifold, quick start guides in the print world. The ultimate goal of productization is to bring your product to a market. This could be an internal market, like other developers in my company. This could also be partners, suppliers, or even open/public APIs. We need to bring our products (APIs) to each relevant market in a way that the market can understand the value and figure out how to use that product all by themselves. 

While API Productization will ultimately be realized through an assortment of activities, we can simplify the view by looking at three key areas: API Design, Packaging, and your Developer Portal.

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