Building and Maintaining Your API Practice

Whether you do it under the label of an API CoE, CoP, API Governance Board, API Team, or some other more organizationally acceptable title, an effective API practice results from defining the right standards, tools, and frameworks required to consistently and sustainably produce quality APIs. This requires focus across a number of factors: creating and maintaining a cohesive API experience, generating useful insights, providing effective oversight, enabling scaled consumption, and supporting distributed API delivery while maintaining the quality and consistency that has been established.  An effective API Practice drives the enterprise’s ability to produce APIs that have the greatest potential to realize the outcomes they were promised to achieve. 

Creating a cohesive API experience that is sustainable over time as you scale your program across multiple teams and leaders is not something that happens without intentionality and diligence. We’ve found that you must focus on two areas: Practice Foundations, for the minimum establishment of core standards, and Transformation Enablement, to support the organizational change required along the way.

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