Your Evolving Microservices Journey - Virtual Summit Series

11 Aug 2017
by: Vanick Digital

You’ve started your transition towards microservices. Perhaps you already have a few built and are looking ahead to what’s next – how to secure, deploy and support them at enterprise scale.

In the second installment of our virtual summit series, our industry experts will offer live streaming presentations, interactive chats, and demonstrations to help you leverage the benefits and tackle the challenges of a modern microservice and API architecture as it matures.

Join this session to learn how to:

  • Map out the steps necessary to migrate from a monolith to microservices
  • Adopt best practices for APIs and microservices to ensure a successful journey
  • Implement organizational changes to provide long term support for microservices
  • Track and manage the diversity and complexity as your microservice ecosystem grows

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Aug 14, 2017
12 PDT | 3 EDT