Vanick Gets a Visit from Students

30 Jan 2017
by: Vanick Digital

The students start out by getting a full tour of the office and getting to meet a variety of our team mates including account managers, project managers, developers, solutions architects, marketing and sales people.  We really wanted them to understand all of the different roles in the company.  After this, the students all gathered in our conference room for a presentation on what Vanick Digital actually does.

Joy Fritsch, one of our very talented developers, was able to demonstrate both the hardware and software side of a computer.  She even showed them how to write some code and how that code would present itself to users once complete.  Joy was a big hit with the students.  Their hands flew up in the air when it was time for Q and A. 

Students get a demonstration on hardware

We were completely impressed at the preparation these children took in writing up questions for us.  We had no idea how great the questions would be, but they were all very well thought out.  We even did an about-face on a few of them as we were completely impressed with their intelligence.

students in conference room with raised hands

Several of the children wanted to know exactly how they could have a career in our industry.  While we encouraged a college degree, the most important take away we wanted them to have was to always be honest, hardworking and willing to learn more. 

As a follow up to our visit, Ms. Ratchford actually reached out to us to schedule another trip for her newer students.  She told us that one of the students had signed up for the STEM program.  STEM’s mission is to increase students’ awareness and understanding of science, technology, engineering and mathematics to better prepare them for post-secondary education in their future.  We were very excited to hear this news.

We truly look forward to the future of our industry and those that will be working in it.  The great part about the visit from these students is that while we were trying to educate and encourage them, they were really encouraging us on how great their generation is and will be once they enter the workforce.  Technology will always be on the rise and the earlier we can get children engaged, the better their outlook on their own personal future will be.

We are so thankful that Ms. Ratchford reached out to us and it has encouraged us to become more involved with our community.  We hope to encourage everyone to get involved with your local school systems.  Find out what programs they have available and see if you can do anything to be more present in the next generation.  The children love it and it is a true honor to be able to help in any capacity.

Students with vanick employees group picture