Vanick Digital Speaks at Austin API Summit 2018

21 May 2018
by: Vanick Digital

There will be 30+ featured speakers discussing the many faculties of developing and sustaining a thriving API-first organization. This event is ideal for platform architects, API product owners, and also developers, or CTOs seeking knowledge as well as inroads into the local and international community.

Topics discussed will include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Foundations for constructing API-first platforms
  • RESTful design, Hypermedia (HATEOAS), and JSON
  • Technological trends in the design of APIs, including REST, GraphQL, RPC, and more
  • OAuth, OpenID Connect, and clever techniques for identity management
  • OpenAPI and other API definitions for streamlining development and usability
  • Pivoting a monolithic architecture toward a microservices approach
  • GraphQL, and other trends in the API space
  • Monetization strategies for pricing public APIs
  • Provisioning decisions when creating API-first platforms: Private, Partner, and Public APIs
  • Crafting API developer portals with developer experience in mind
  • Essential developer resources: sandboxes, SDKs, code samples, and tutorials to onboard users
  • Protocols for event-driven architectures
  • And much more… 

Vanick speakers will include Lou Powell and Pete Clare. They will be speaking on June 12 at 10:50am and 1:40pm, respectively.

Lou, a founding partner of Vanick, will have a speaking session entitled: “What do you mean by ‘API as a Product?'”

You may have heard the term “API Product.” But what does it mean? In this talk, I will introduce the concept and explain the benefits and challenges of transforming your organization to view your APIs as measurable products that expose your companies’ capabilities creating agility, autonomy, and acceleration. Traditional product manufacturers create new products and launch them into the marketplace and then measure value; we will teach you to view your APIs in the same way. Concepts covered in this presentation will include: designing APIs with Design Thinking, funding your product, building teams, marketing your API, managing your marketplace, and measuring success.

Pete, Digital & API Transformation Principal, will have a speaking session entitled: “Why Productization is the Key to Unlocking API Value.”

The term “api” has been in use for decades but has only recently become a hot topic. But why now? While modern APIs share many traits with their ancestors, they are in fact quite different. This talk explores the distinctions between services, “apis” and “APIs”. At the heart of this exploration is the concept of productization. Productization is an easy concept to grasp but when applied to APIs it becomes a point of convergence across business and IT lines. This same convergence creates adoption challenges.

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