Vanick Digital Receives Award as a CA Partner

03 Apr 2018
by: Vanick Digital

Lou Powell, founding partner of Vanick Digital, accepted the award. According to Lou:

“The customers that we are talking to are trying to solve the same problems. They’re looking at all of the innovation going on in mobile that their customers are demanding and all of the things going on with voice recognition and AI. They are trying to figure it out. They are looking at changing consumer behaviors. They are looking at how to innovate. They are asking questions like - How do we create the ability to pivot quickly? In addition, how do we build these new capabilities in a traditional organization?

The good news is that APIs and API Layers are creating that layer of abstraction that’s allowing customers to move more quickly in the organization. Where Vanick is coming in - is looking at how these customers approach solving those problems. Implementing an API layer isn’t just about implementing technology. It’s a shift in how you deliver technology to the market place. We have been going to our clients to recognize where their customers are; furthermore, meeting them at that point. We are helping them put together a plan with full understanding of everything that needs to be in place to successfully deliver while they continue to mature and innovate.”

Lou had this to say when asked about the key challenges that customers are facing today in terms of adopting microservices and APIs in general.

“Over the last 5 years, we’ve seen this progression where almost every customer we’re talking to today is saying they want to do microservices. We think that is fantastic! However, we are seeing a couple of predominant challenges across the board.

  • Customers are asking, “What should be a microservice?” It’s that concept of where do I start to deconstruct monoliths into microservices and how do I measure that? Some people take the approach of I’m just going to deconstruct a monolith and the real question is – What are you really constructing and how are you deriving value from it? Not everything should be a microservice.
  • The next challenge is with implementing the technologies. Some people are really good at implementing these technologies, but microservices aren’t necessarily about technologies, they’re about outcomes. When you start looking at realizing the outcomes of microservices, you start to notice things like organization change, financial models, business processes, and the mentality that goes around how you deliver DevOps. All of those things become the challenge for the organization, not necessarily the technology.

Vanick Digital is helping customers face these challenges and solving real business problems. If you would like more information, please contact us today!