APIs for CMOs – Mastering Digital Channels

01 Apr 2015
by: Vanick Digital

APIs allow marketers to:

  • Quickly adapt to market conditions
  • Remove the pain of IT integration
  • Prepare for the unknown challenges of the future

The Big Challenge

One of the biggest challenges marketing departments of large organizations face today is keeping up with the pace of the digitally-driven world we now live in. This continual rapid evolution of digital means that we're having to adapt to new concepts before the old one was even considered mature. A company's ability to adapt to new platforms and channels is now of paramount importance to their success.

Streamline Integration into Business Systems

Charged with the responsibility for our company's digital brand, marketers are able to see the promise of technology as we witness it facilitate industry-changing disruption while creating new opportunities for competitive advantage. At the same time, we’re frustrated by the constant reminder of how our company is just not structured to be able to leverage these new concepts. Out of this challenge, the alignment between the CMO and the CIO is quickly being recognized as essential for success. Understanding the strategies needed to facilitate this alignment is important, and getting there quickly is vital. APIs act as the intermediary between IT and Marketing. They allow IT to move in a stable and intentional manner while marketing accelerates at the speed of innovation.

Be Prepared for the Future

As the market changes and presents new problems overnight, the message we need to hear loud and clear is that solving for today is an ineffective exercise. We don't need a crystal ball to understand that the pace of change is not going to subside. We need to focus on strategies that prepare us for embracing that change and all the opportunity it presents to those able to capture it.