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10/19/2018 by Vanick

One of our favorite times at Vanick is when we get a visit from students interested in what we do. This year, we were fortunate to have two different schools participate – St. George’s Independent School in Memphis, TN and Ascend’s Program for Leadership Development in China.


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Our goal for each group is to give an overview of what Vanick Digital does and how we do it. We introduce the students to different departments within the company and teach them about various roles and responsibilities including project managers, developers, solutions architects, and sales reps.

During one of those interactions, our lead developer Joy Fritsch, walked the students through programming logic exercises and challenged them to work through real-life situations. We were impressed with their ability to learn quickly and apply that knowledge to immediately solve problems.


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In hosting these events with today’s youth, we hope to encourage them to explore a future in business and technology and perhaps consider a career they may otherwise never would have known was possible. Throughout the years, we have had students who took an interest and joined us for an internship. We even have current employees who started as interns that are now in positions including Senior Solutions Architect, DevOps Engineer, and PMO Director.


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This year, we were delighted when one of the St. George’s students showed interest in a developer internship. We’re currently training him on beginning principals of website development and he is furthering his knowledge with a Udacity course, Intro to Computer Science, where he will learn to write a computer program, understand how data is managed and structured, and see how software runs.

Next he will take a Google course on Responsive Web Design Fundamentals that will introduce him to web design and optimization. Once he has completed these courses, he will begin his internship at Vanick Digital and contribute to our internal projects.

It is an honor to introduce young people to our industry and get them excited about what is possible. Our team here at Vanick Digital believes that by investing in our youth, we are helping to build a strong work ethic and foster career ambitions at an early age. We encourage businesses in all industries to reach out within their local communities and make a positive impact.


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