API World 2017 Microservices in Practice Panel Moderated by Lou Powell

09/21/2017 by Vanick Digital

Headshot for Lou PowellHeadshot for Lou Powell

Vanick Digital will be participating at API World for a 2-day Microservices Conference covering topics from the technology and implementation to the business cases, costs, and long-term strategy. The Microservices Conference is produced in conjunction with API Academy.

The Microservices Conference inside API World will get you 100% up-to-date on the best practices in Microservices, the rapidly expanding architecture for enabling faster development and robust software design.

Join us at API World 2017 at the San Jose Convention Center in San Jose, CA from 9/23 – 9/28/2017.  Vanick’s Lou Powell will be moderating the Panel:  Microservices in Practice at The Microservices Conference on Tuesday, 9/26/2017. 

This panel will include speakers:  Jen Leech from TrussWorks, Inc., Bill Monkman from Hootsuite, and Bhanu Vegi from Beachbody.

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