Top 5 Reasons to Upgrade to SharePoint 2016

05/12/2017 by Vanick Digital

SharePoint 2016 is arguably the most powerful version of SharePoint available to businesses today. Derived from the same code base as SharePoint Online, it offers a better user experience and more hybrid possibilities for on-prem servers. This article explores the top 5 reasons why companies should consider upgrading and why Vanick Digital is the best partner to help them get it done.

We know, it’s a seemingly never-ending concern. The latest and greatest technology comes out and you have to stop and ask yourself, “is it worth it?”. Maybe it’s a new tv or a new car. You might decide you’re happy with what you’ve got, but then you start to see how much it’s improving everyone else’s life and begin to wonder, “is it time?”.

It’s no different in the corporate world - although, the deciding factor tends to be focused more on ROI or functionality, rather than simply “because everyone else has one!”. This was certainly the case when Microsoft launched SharePoint 2016 - the most reliable, most scalable version of SharePoint available today. Many businesses chose to continue operating with their older versions, not quite convinced that the cost would outweigh the benefit. Well, we think it’s time to revisit that decision. If you are running anything other than SharePoint 2016, here are five reasons you should reconsider.

Top 5 Reasons to Upgrade to SharePoint 2016:

  1. New Hybrid Possibilities - Bill Baer described SharePoint 2016 as being “built from the Cloud-Up”. SharePoint 2016 was designed to communicate directly with Office365 and offers better connectivity to the cloud for on-premises (“on-prem”) users. While technically the hybrid environment was an option for SharePoint 2013 users, huge improvements (i.e. OneDrive Redirection, Sites, Search and AppLauncher) were made with this latest version.
  2. Simplified Updates - Derived from the same code base as SharePoint Online, Microsoft’s “most comprehensively tested version of SharePoint to date”, SharePoint 2016 facilitates support and updates across both Office 365 and on-prem servers, and offers “zero downtime patching” as compared to previous versions.
  3. New Compliance Center - While not the most attractive of features, compliance is an important one if you’re planning to open up your environment to the cloud. Now available to on-prem servers are features based on the Office 365 Compliance Center. The In-Place Policy Hold Center and the Compliance Center allow you to build your own policies and apply them against your environment.
  4. Improved User Experience - Created with the cloud in mind, the SharePoint 2016 UI has been redesigned to reflect the look of Office 365. Now when a user jumps between the two systems, they will be able to do so seamlessly.
  5. Increased Upload Capacity - You can now store files larger than the 2GB limit. While there isn’t an official max capacity, the recommended file size is 10GB. Anything more than that and you will risk timeouts or disconnections. Also, users enjoy faster uploads using background intelligence service (BITS) rather than HTTP protocol. 

Migration is a big endeavor for any company, large or small. It is important to take it seriously, consider the risks and have a plan for that kind of change. At Vanick Digital, we have helped businesses of all sizes, whether they use on-premise servers or have a hybrid environment, navigate successful migrations. 

Your content is the foundation of your business and we work with you to not only keep it safe, but also keep it accessible to your users. Contact us to find the best solution for your needs.

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