Accelerating Digital Business Value with APIs

03/02/2017 by Brad Wilkerson

Virtually every organization we talk to today is striving to make their business more competitive via digital technologies. Vanick Digital helps companies achieve competitive digital maturity by developing what we refer to as core technology business capabilities.

At their essence, these capabilities give an enterprise the power to access and securely share data across its systems with its customers, partners and employees at speed. This provides business with unprecedented agility to respond to rapidly changing markets, to experiment faster and cheaper, and to ultimately transform how it creates value in the form of new products, services and connected experiences.

At the foundation of every company that has mastered these capabilities lies a strategically established API Program. Digital demands an API-first architecture, which has very specific requirements for how software is built, where it runs, how it interacts with data, and how it talks with other software over many forms of networks from fast fiber to slow and intermittent mobile. Digital also demands an “outside-in” perspective, with IT and business collaboratively curating APIs themselves as evolving products that provide value to its collective audience of customers, partners and employees.

Launching a sustainable API Program requires unique expertise in these areas, equal parts art and science, and extends beyond traditional IT consideration into disciplines such as cross-departmental organization, new funding paradigms and multi business unit evangelism.

In 2013 we combined these long standing specializations within Vanick Digital into the creation of our API Strategy Practice. The practice has grown rapidly to include national microservices thought leadership, former directors of enterprise architecture, and some of the most in-demand API strategists, API architects, and platform delivery consultants in the country. Our partnerships with the leading Gartner “magic quadrant” API Management platform solution providers, CA Technologies, Google/Apigee, and Tibco/Mashery have yielded sustained engagements with Fortune 100 companies and vertical leaders including healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, CPG, retail and more.    

Each company’s journey to competitive digital maturity is individually unique, with driving focus and context living in wildly different parts of the enterprise. Not everyone is Netflix, nor should they be! Acquiring digital technology business capabilities is an inherently different challenge for long established, often monolithic companies from those of relatively unencumbered digital natives. Much of our work is creating intensely collaborative alignment across enterprise IT, marketing, product and innovation departments in these longstanding companies. In addition to IT leadership, our direct sponsors have included CMOs, Chief Digital Officers and SVPs of Digital Product.

Where are you now as a digital competitor? What does your successful future state look like and how will you get there? Our experience has provided a unique perspective and comprehensive API-driven approach to answering these questions. From benchmarking, capabilities assessments and API strategy, all the way to hands on platform delivery and embedded API Program teams, Vanick Digital provides advisory guidance and hands-on implementation assistance throughout the journey to competitive digital maturity.

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Brad Wilkerson
Digital Marketing Strategist, Vanick Digital
Brad Wilkerson's expertise is within digital marketing strategy and solutions, design leadership, consultative sales, and business development.