Global Shipping Company - Green House Gas Calculator Application Case Study

06/01/2017 by Vanick Digital

Vanick engaged with a global shipping company to develop a Green House Gas Calculator web site. Being an environmentally “green” organization, this shipping company sought to provide its customers data regarding the Co2 emissions generated from their shipped packages and letters.

Business Need:

In order to meet regulatory and legal obligations, gain a competitive advantage by providing superior customer service, and to promote their environmentally ‘green’ partnerships within the community, this shipping company has undertaken an initiative to provide their customers direct access to information concerning Carbon Dioxide (Co2) emissions resulting from customer shipments through the company’s network.


Vanick Digital was able to define the requirements, build the web-based application, transform the “big data” from shipments, and successfully deploy the functionality to a production environment.  Vanick leveraged the existing technology stack within the customer’s environment and adhered to their coding, branding, and legal requirements to complete the project.

The application needed to provide calculations from a very large amount of data, filtered by several different criteria, with a quick response time. The application allows the user to selectively filter the scope of the data they wish to see, based on a variety of tiered account level. The selected filters produce the carbon emissions data in Microsoft Excel and as an Adobe PDF report, as shown in Figure 1:


Customers can query their carbon footprint for their global account all the way down to a single package. The shipping company now has a faster, more accurate, and regulatory compliant capability with which to serve their customers.  

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