Microservices Implementation Lessons Panel at API World 2016

08/25/2016 by Vanick Digital

Please join Vanick Digital at the API World in San Jose on September 13th as Vanick’s Lou Powell will moderate the panel for Microservices Implementation Lessons!  The panel will include speakers from Adobe, MindBody, Disney, and Netflix!

picture of the api panel at api world

In this panel discussion, participants will share their stories on implementing microservices. They will elaborate on the goals they sought, the value they achieved, as well as practical tips and pitfalls along the way.

picture of lou powell with microservices panal at api world 2016


Lou Powell, Principal, Vanick Digital

Lou Powell is a Founding Partner in Vanick Digital, an award-winning consultancy and software development group specializing in api-driven digital transformation. Prior to Vanick, Lou has held digital leadership and architecture roles within both the Fortune 500 and one of the web’s earliest, largest agencies, US Web. He has an extensive history working with enterprise customers to create digital solutions that integrate into the enterprise primarily using APIs. Lou has been a national speaker and API evangelist for the past two years, speaking on API design, API life-cycle and API Enterprise Architecture.


John Pritchard, Sr Director of Cloud Platform Engineering, Adobe

John is the Sr Director of Cloud Platform Engineering at Adobe. His team is responsible for Adobe’s Cloud Platform: adobe.io - the distributed global Cloud services powering Adobe’s Creative, Marketing and Document Clouds. John loves two things, APIs and IPAs. He can be found on Twitter @pritch5280.

John Phillips, Lead Software Architect, Mindbody

John Phillips leads the technology direction and microservice movement at MINDBODY which powers 51,000+ businesses in over 130 countries and territories, employing over 277,000 practitioners, for approximately 28 million active consumers in the wellness services industry and an emerging consumer marketplace. In addition, John has more than 10 years’ experience in building Service Oriented Applications centered around Scheduling, Point of Sale, Customer Relationship Management, and Staff Management.

Patrick Devlin, Staff Cloud Architect, Disney

Patrick is the lead architect for the Disney Cloud Services & Architecture team, which builds tools and services that enable Disney engineers to use private and public cloud services efficiently and securely. Patrick is passionate about microservices and the potential of composable architecture. Also beer.

Sangeeta Narayanan, Director of Engineering, Netflix

Sangeeta leads the Edge Developer Experience team at Netflix, whose mission is to ensure that engineers are focused on providing the best possible video streaming experience for millions of people around the world. She and her team accomplish this by building world class tools to enable a simplified developer experience and enhanced operational visibility at cloud scale. Sangeeta has held varying roles at companies large and small, including Test Engineering, Sales Engineering, Consulting and Leadership. Her passion for simplifying the process of developing and operating software has been the common theme across all those experiences.

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