Stay Up-to-Date in the IT World

01/01/2015 by Vanick Digital

At Vanick Digital, we think it is very important to keep you up to date on happenings in the technology community- especially items that may require advanced planning for you or your IT organization.

  • Security patches to protect PCs from harmful viruses, spyware, and other malicious software
  • Assisted technical support from Microsoft
  • Software and content updates

As you may or may not be aware, all software products have a lifecycle. On July 14 2015, Microsoft will be ending support for Microsoft Windows server 2003. This means that this product will no longer receive:

Does this affect you?

As of July 2014, there were over 12 million physical servers worldwide still running Windows server 2003. Computers running the Windows Server 2003 operating system will continue to work after support ends. However, using unsupported software may increase the risks of viruses and other security threats.

What should you do?

If your company is running Windows Server 2003, you need to start planning for an upgrade. If you are unsure if your company is running Windows Server 2003, contact your IT department to inquire.

A simple upgrade to a supported operating system will eliminate the risk. If your IT department needs help with the migration, there are many software vendors and service providers that can offer assistance in migrating to a supported operating system. These migrations can take weeks or months depending on the amount of information that needs to be moved; it’s best to start planning now.


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