Vanick Digital is excited to announce a new practice, or area of service, centered on API Management.

10/05/2014 by Vanick Digital

An API, or Application Programming Interface, at its most fundamental level, is how software applications talk to each other using the Internet.

The web utilizes the internet to allow humans to communicate and share information, while APIs use the internet to allow applications to communicate and share information. APIs are increasing the way in which companies exchange data, services and complex resources, both internally, externally with partners, and openly with the public. As the world becomes more and more digital, connected experiences have gone from one form factor (your desktop) to a multitude of mobile devices (phones, tablets, readers, etc). And even now we're just starting to experience the next big wave as connectivity expands to an even larger sea of internet-enabled ‘things’ (think thermostats, cars, equipment, etc).

The proliferation of all of these connected devices requires a committed focus on APIs - the connecting fabric of today and tomorrow's digital world. The focus of our new API Management Practice is to help you understand, create a strategy, and unlock the full potential of what APIs can do for your company. Whether it is reducing time to market, facilitating your omnichannel customer strategy, strengthening your partner channels, reducing burden on IT, increasing security, or creating brand new revenue streams, there is benefit in an API strategy regardless of industry or business model.

Contact us to unlock the value that an API strategy can realize in your own company today.

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