Why 2014 May Be the Year of "Mobile-First"

01/01/2014 by Vanick Digital

For the past few years, web design gurus and digital marketing experts have predicted the rise of mobile.

As we get rolling with 2014, it appears the age of mobile is finally upon us as many companies are prioritizing mobile strategy ahead of their traditional desktop web presences. This means that for the first time, "mobile-first" web design may be essential for competing online.

Here are three reasons we think mobile will be a top-tier priority in 2014:

1. Mobile Web Traffic is Increasing

As expected, mobile web usage saw massive increases in 2013 as traffic from smartphones and tablets exceeded traditional desktop platforms for many major sites. While this may not be the case for your site right now, mobile activity across the web will continue to rise in 2014. We recommend checking the mobile vs. desktop traffic reports in your analytics to find out where you currently stand.

2. Local Search

Last year, more than 56% of search queries performed on mobile were for location-specific phrases like "Lawyers in Nashville" or "Lawn Service in Memphis." If your business or organization is competing for location-specific web traffic, a "mobile-first" strategy is an absolute must.

Why? Because typically, when your local visitors aren't greeted with a mobile-friendly experience, they'll often turn to a competitor.

3. Responsive Design is the new Standard

A website is considered "responsive" when it programmatically adapts to the screen size on which it's viewed. Simply put - this makes your site mobile-friendly across all popular platforms. In 2014, this style of design will be the standard for the mobile web for a few reasons:

First, Google recommends responsive websites over standalone mobile sites, and not having one could dampen your SEO potential. Second, responsive provides a better user experiencing meaning your visitors stay on your site longer and come back more often. Finally, once you implement responsive design, there's no need to worry about updating for new devices. Responsive works seamlessly across thousands of screen sizes.

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