Custom SharePoint Module Increases Efficiences

05/01/2013 by Vanick Digital

SharePoint is a great tool for companies, but did you know it is possible to add on custom modules specific to your needs?

As companies grow and look to for ways to streamline internal procedures, they are beginning to evaluate internal processes to increase efficiency. One very time consuming task for Human Resources is the manual distribution of policies and procedures, coupled with the task of collecting acknowledgements from each employee – a task like this could take weeks to execute. One customer approached Vanick Digital to build out a custom module in SharePoint to accommodate this specific need. The module needed to include a creation tool, and a distribution mechanism that included receipt acknowledgement and reporting while integrating with Active Directory. This distribution mechanism allowed for specific employee groups, or the entire employee list to receive and acknowledge any type of documents that were either created or edited by the tool. If acknowledgement is not received within a certain time period, the system will look for that employee's supervisor and notify them to follow up on the status of the acknowledgement. Finally management requested the ability to obtain reports on which employees received the documents along with dates and times of the acknowledgement.

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