Top Web Design and Development Trends

12/18/2013 by David Caffey

The look and feel of the web changes frequently as technology advances. In our latest post, we analyze the trends in web design and development that will take over this year.

It’s been widely accepted that website design trends don't stick around for long. Just try to count how many times you’ve been greeted by a radically different interface on Facebook or YouTube – pretty hard huh?

In 2013, we saw some sweeping visual changes from top tech trendsetters like Apple and Microsoft. And, when the major players alter their design, we can expect that the rest of the web will soon follow.

So, with the dawn of a new year quickly approaching, what’s going to be the norm in 2014? We’re forecasting that these five web design and development crazes will take over the Internet during the next twelve months.

1. Content Will Dictate Design

In the past, many website development projects would typically focus on design concepts and wireframes before any content was written. Because of the increasing demands from both the SEO and usability fronts, content will lead the way for web design projects moving forward.

In 2014, we expect to see an even stronger commitment to content strategy earlier in the design process.

2. Usability Will Trump Flashiness

In the same, content-centric vein, the user experience will be valued significantly more than the visual appeal of the site. Site elements like lead forms and navigation will become less complicated and more streamlined to promote conversion rate.

Look out for direct, minimalistic site functionality coming to a website near you.

3. Flat Design Will Be Everywhere

Website designers are adopting the flat, minimalist design styles similar to those found in Apple's iOS 7 and Microsoft's Windows 8. Not only does this change up the appearance of your site, it’s been proven to help conversion rate and increase your site speed by cutting down on file size.

Trust us: everything’s getting flatter in the New Year.

4. Mobile Driven Sites Will Be Standard

With almost a third of global web traffic coming through mobile devices, responsive, mobile compatible design is going to be a primary driver for website design and development moving forward. Not only will responsive/adaptive design be everywhere, it’ll be a requirement. Plus, mobile marketing strategy will drive overall design and development.

If you haven’t gone mobile yet, remember Vanick's all about mobile strategy.

5. Content Management Systems Will Evolve

The number of sites that aren't built on content management systems will continue to dwindle as feature-packed products like Sitecore rise in popularity. Web marketers, business users, and content editors need more functionality (beyond just text and photo editing) to stay competitive.

Fortunately, 2014 presents us with a bunch of cool options. Did we mention Sitecore?

David Caffey
SEO/SEM Analyst