Did you know Vanick Digital is an Official Sitecore Solutions Partner?

08/28/2013 by David Caffey

Find out what that means for your next project.

What do brands like American Express, Nestle, LEGO and Carnival Cruise Lines have in common? They’re utilizing Sitecore as their content management and customer experience management platform. Organizations that adopt Sitecore have access to powerful marketing features, deep analytics reporting capabilities, and a streamlined content system that promotes visitors engagement and drives revenue growth. In this month's newsletter, you'll find out what Vanick's status as an official Sitecore solutions partner means for your next project.

Marketing Features

The driving force behind Sitecore’s powerful marketing personalization functionality, the Digital Marketing Center (DMS) allows content creators and marketing users to customize their sites to best grab the attention of visitors. Paired with Sitecore’s reporting capabilities, this dynamic personalization system lets you evaluate your customer’s needs and provide content specific to their demands and consumption trends.

With the added functionality of the email campaign manager, you can send messages and track email marketing efforts based on visitor behavior directly from Sitecore’s easy-to-access desktop interface.

Powerful, Deep Analytics

Creating on online marketing strategy is difficult without meaningful analytics to back-up decisions. In Sitecore, marketers can implement Sitecore’s A/B testing and campaign tracking to measure which content and inbound campaigns are most effective. With the easy to use executive analytics dashboard, you can get a full glimpse of what’s happening on your site in real-time. These features make it easy to manage and adjust your campaigns in one place.

Streamline Your Content Management

Powerful web technology shouldn’t be hard to implement and access. With Sitecore, casual users can easily edit text and page elements in-line with a user interface that looks and feels like Microsoft Office. Content editors, marketing and business users won’t have to rely on development and IT teams to make changes to text, images or other features. Anyone on your team can simply login and instantly make necessary changes.

As an official Sitecore Solutions Partner, Vanick Digital can help your business improve its web presence and online marketing efforts. For more information on Sitecore CMS, DMS or other features, contact us.

David Caffey
SEO/SEM Analyst