Is your website supporting your business objectives?

04/01/2013 by Vanick Digital

To find the answer you should always be measuring the effectiveness of your website. Google Analytics is a great tool to measure the success of your website, and it is completely free!

When implementing Google Analytics on your website we recommend a few things:

1) Set specific, measureable goals

Determine what you want your website visitors to do and set up your site to measure this behavior or actions. These behaviors are trackable in Google Analytics and can provide valuable insight to what visitors are doing (or not doing) on your site. You should define your behaviors, commonly called conversions, to adequately measure your goals.

2) Keep all clicks within one URL

Do not send visitors to external or third party sites to complete a process. By keeping all actions within one URL Google Analytics can more accurately display relevant data.

3) Slice into data with your goals in mind

Google Analytics provides a lot of data about your site that may or may not be relevant to your business objectives. By keeping your goals in mind while you review the data you can determine what is important and what isn't. You can even write custom reports to massage and manipulate the data to show the specific information that you need.

4) Decide whether you want high level or granular detail

Depending on the complexity of your business objectives simple data such as number of visitors, traffic sources and time on site might get you all the information you need. However most organizations need more information to assess their goals.

5) Hire a Digital Strategist

Still overwhelmed by all the options that Google Analytics offers? There are Digital Strategists that can help you set up your account, analyze the data and provide you with the specific information you are looking for.


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