Vanick has been busy this summer!

09/01/2012 by Vanick Digital

As the summer comes to a close and we welcome cooler fall temperatures, we think about how thankful we are for our wonderful clients.

Over the summer we had the opportunity to work on some very exciting projects with our customers including two cutting edge iPad applications.

As tablets become more prevalent we are seeing clients automating processes with tablet-based applications. There are many benefits with having a custom tablet application for your organization, including streamlining business processes and delivering easy to use applications to employees.

Which customers are looking for custom tablet applications?
Tablet applications can help all types of businesses and industries. We have written applications for small companies as well as enterprise corporations; these applications have ranged from simple data collection tools to replacing complex business processes. The most recent applications were for very different industries. The first was for a large medical insurance company; the second was for a national retail chain.

What do the apps do?
The Insurance application was developed for trade show use by the internal sales team. The application allows sales to collect information from tradeshow attendees then it creates a competitive pricing analysis report on the fly that is customized to the attendee. The report is then emailed to the trade show attendee directly from the app. This entire process was previously done with paper forms and the report was completely static.

The Retail Chain application was built to facilitate an in-store audit process. Auditors on location select a store via the GPS locator that shows the closest store to their current location. Once the store is selected, the auditor receives a list of required questions to complete the audit. The auditor fills out the questionnaire entering information and uploading pictures via the built-in camera where required. Once the audit is complete the final report is synced from the iPad to a database that can be accessed by the corporate compliance department.

Both of these processes were completely manual prior to the development of the applications.

Think a custom application is too expensive or that development would take too long for your organization? Contact us to learn just how quickly we can build an application to meet your needs.

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