What is your Website Strategy?

11/01/2012 by Vanick Digital

A strong website strategy is essential to improve the marketing of your business.

A strong website strategy includes the following:

  • A message that supports your company's business goals
  • Considerations on gaining insight through analytics
  • Design and layout of the site
  • Plans to include SEO & SEM
Have you ever been in one of those "conversations" where you are doing all of the listening and none of the talking? And, after carefully and patiently considering what is being said, make a comment of your own, only to have the person you are talking to act as if you haven't even spoken and continue with their own monologue?

Many companies suffer from this same infirmity on their corporate websites. They are fervently compelled to tell you everything about their company, who they are, and how they got there. But, who's listening? Who really cares about your mission statement? This may be important to your culture, but why do your prospects or customers need to see this? Shouldn't that be reflected in your products or services?

When you are trying to determine what it is that your website should be saying, you need to pause and become a good listener. What is it that your prospects and customers want from you? If you think about what they want to know or what they might expect to do on your website, you can probably get pretty close. A quick, cheap survey with SurveyMonkey will get you even closer. And, after you get things up and running in the right direction, you can do a few A/B tests to see if you can improve how you deliver information and services through your website. Check your Google Analytics to see what pages people are visiting and spending time on. Work on improving the poor performers or removing them.
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