Want to know more about Microsoft Sharepoint?

03/01/2012 by Vanick Digital

Microsoft SharePoint is a business collaboration platform that can make all aspects of your organization work together.

SharePoint can manage everything from your intranet portals, extranets, websites, document & file management, social tools and even has infrastructure for third-party solution add-ons and it even allows for integrated custom-developed applications.

It is estimated that Microsoft SharePoint is used by 78% of Fortune 500 companies.

How can SharePoint help your company?

By using SharePoint to manage your internal and external files and documents you can increase productivity. SharePoint allows your employees to access pertinent business information from one central location and because SharePoint is a Microsoft product, it functions similar to other Microsoft Office applications so there is very little training needed.

One of the major benefits of SharePoint is InfoPath Workflows. Imaging taking a process that is largely manual and paper-based, such as expense reporting and completely automating it through a digital process where the approvals flow automatically from one approver to the next – InfoPath Workflows make this possible.

SharePoint can also help you control costs by consolidating intranet, extranet and Internet sites.

Finally, SharePoint is an out of the box solution that can easily be configured for immediate use; however the platform is scalable and expandable to accommodate customized solutions.

How can Vanick help?

If you are looking for customized add-on solutions to your current SharePoint configuration, or if you are looking to build out SharePoint from the ground up, Vanick can help. We have consultants that specialize in SharePoint configuration, migration and integration. We can also work with you to build any custom solutions into your SharePoint environment.

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