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04/01/2012 by Vanick Digital

Are you looking to streamline a process by using a tablet application? Learn more through the case study below on a recent project.

Scope of Project: TERMINIX Commercial was looking to excite their commercial sales force while controlling the look and verbiage of service proposals that were distributed to potential clients. A trend TERMINIX noticed is that their sales force was spending more time in the field and less time at their offices, which meant sales had less time to create professional looking proposals. TERMINIX approached Vanick Group to create an iPad friendly version of their Commercial Proposal Builder software. This custom developed solution would allow the sales force to access an enhanced version of the proposal builder software from their company-issued iPads.

Goals of the project included:

  • Give Sales force proposal builder functionality on their iPads
  • With mobile access, sales can answer customer questions and build proposals on location
  • Provide brand and legal approved proposals
  • Engage and excite sales to use new technology

Over the course of the project, TERMINIX and Vanick Group worked together to create brand and legal approved proposals, then Vanick Group worked with top salespeople to identify their needs in a mobile application. From these conversations it was obvious that sales needed a quick, easy, user-friendly way to build proposals.

Solution: By leveraging iPads for this application, TERMINIX Sales Representatives truly had a "mobile solution" for all of their proposal needs. They are now able to show up to a customers' location and build a proposal on their iPad by asking the customer a series of questions. Once the proposal is completed, the sales person can immediately e-mail the completed proposal from the application. By reducing the time salespeople spend creating and distributing proposals to their customers it allows them to focus on selling. This in turn results in increased revenue for TERMINIX.

Results: Within weeks of implementation, TERMINIX saw a dramatic increase in use and proposals being created.


"It was a pleasure working with Vanick Group on our Commercial Proposal Builder. This was Terminix's first time using an iPad application and Vanick brought creativity and customer focused solutions to the process. Our commercial sales professionals and managers are excited about the new system and the continuing support they receive from Vanick." - David Katz, Project Manager for Commercial Mobility at TERMINIX


"The combination of proposal builder with the iPad has given the Commercial Sales Professionals increased sales and prospecting time in the field as well as a very powerful presentation to the customer; a great time saver and customer experience." - Kevin Kingery, Regional Director of Sales


Although the iPad friendly proposal builder is still in its early launch phase, feedback from the field is positive. Sales team members are reporting faster proposal creation times, increased closing rates and positive feedback from customers on the new proposal formats.

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