Duncan-Williams Case Study

09/01/2010 by Vanick Digital

Learn about how Vanick developed solutions to meet their goals and objectives and ultimately improve business.

Locally owned financial company Duncan-Williams (DW) approached Vanick Group to accomplish the following objectives:

  • Improve firm's online corporate image
  • Help shift firm to "state of the art" tech-savvy philosophy
  • Improve efficiencies through technology
  • Improve internal and external communications
  • Use technology to help attract and retain top talent
  • Sales tool that will drive revenue to the firm

Vanick Group addressed two key areas to meet these needs including an overhaul of their website and development of an intranet.

Website Overhaul

Duncan-Williams needed a rebuild of their corporate website to include protected content, ECM (Equity Capital Markets) research and published material as well as represent the progressive, growing image of DW to its traders, sales team and outside world. Designed with a flexible, scalable architecture the site needed to have easy-to-use content management features, industry accepted framework and low cost expandability for the future.

"Our new website, www.duncanwilliams.com literally changed our image overnight. Our website was developed to provide our customers and potential customers with any information they need to conduct business with our firm. It is a reflection of our firms culture in that it is easy to interact with and makes access to our management very transparent. The site is also one of our top sources for recruiting. Interested employees can fill out an application form online and submit it to our corporate strategies group." — Gary Lendermon, Vice-President of Marketing & Communications, Duncan-Williams

Intranet Development

Duncan-Williams also needed a web-based tool they could use to drive revenue to the firm and a way to connect sales to traders. Utilizing the same framework as the website, the Vanick team aimed to build an intranet that would make Duncan-Williams' Bloomberg's inventory available in real time, manage internal sales inquiries and promote accessibility of all corporate communications. Another key attribute of the intranet was to house important information for employees including benefits, recruiting information, policies, 401(K) information, etc. The Vanick-created intranet helps keep employees aware of all aspects of the business.

"The Vanick Team has gone beyond and above the call of duty to provide us with the guidance, tools and technology we need with superior professionalism … they are off the charts helpful"— Brad Ziemba, Chief Compliance Officer, Duncan-Williams

Check out the Duncan-Williams Website.

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