Vanick Website Launch

06/01/2010 by Vanick Digital

Thank you for your support of Vanick Group over the years! We are excited to announce the launch of our new website.

Check it out at

As you may or may not know, Vanick Group is a full-service Information Technology Services Provider. Since 1998, Vanick Group has been providing exceptional IT services to its clients with one overriding principle: We provide Information Systems products and professional services of superior quality and value that best fulfill the needs of our customers.

We specialize in 3 areas of technology including: software development, website support and SAP services.

Software Development:

Business Systems Development and Integration At Vanick Group, we develop custom web applications and custom software to integrate legacy systems across the enterprise. We have web-enabled databases and ERP applications and built customized data management systems for over 150 clients.

E-Commerce Systems Business-to-business sales or business-to-consumer sales is becoming a necessity for successful businesses. Vanick Group has designed systems that have not only increased our clients' sales, but have opened completely new markets. We have also developed cost-saving systems to streamline our clients' business-to-business procurement and sales processes. Vanick Group possesses the technical know-how and practical business experience to develop creative, strategic, and productive E-commerce systems.

Web Technology Consulting Services Whether you are looking for advice on an Internet strategy for your company, guidance with a particular technology, or staff augmentation, Vanick Group consultants have the experience and expertise you need. Our senior consultants work closely with your high-level business and technical managers to translate your business objectives into Web-based solutions. Then we evaluate the proposed solutions using a variety of quantitative and qualitative measures, taking into account your budget, risks, and resources. The end result is a prioritized list of distinct Web-based initiatives that support your organization's strategic direction.

Website Support:

Vanick Group brings the commitment, expertise, and service level that your successful business demands. With 24x7 access to technicians and guaranteed response time for change requests, you are sure to have your Internet/Intranet site available with current content and functionality.

Vanick Group provides a convenient monthly service that is custom-tailored to your needs:

  • Maintenance or service requests can be made by phone, pager, or the Internet
  • Guaranteed tiered response times based on your needs
  • Service Level Agreement reporting
  • On-line tracking, management, and reporting

SAP Services:

SAP Technical Consulting Vanick Group can assist with all of your SAP Technical Consulting needs. We are experienced on all supported Operating System/Database combinations and have worked with most of the suite of SAP products.

SAP Development We offer design and development services for your SAP applications. Whether you need to extend and enhance an existing SAP solution or build an entirely new and innovative application, our core competencies include:

  • Conversions
  • Interfaces
  • Reports
  • Enhancements
  • Web Enablement
  • Configuration Support
  • Batch Operations

SAP Staffing Vanick Group can provide you the Functional or Technical SAP resources to help you achieve your goals.

Drawing upon our years of proven experience in Project Management, Applications Implementation, Applications Development, and Technical Configuration, Vanick Group assists clients with all aspects of Web-based applications, Systems Integration, and SAP ERP. In addition to these offerings, we concentrate on optimizing client installations of Information Systems by leveraging our collective talents in Applications Support, Operating Systems, and Database expertise, and proven Project Management for large and small projects.

For more information on any of the services we offer or to schedule a consultation, please contact us.

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