Who We Are

Digital is no longer optional. For businesses, this means that you have to have the right tools in place to stay competitive. That’s where we come in.

Vanick Digital has provided successful hardware and software implementations in the private and public sector for more than 15 years. How have we sustained our success? It’s simple – we provide custom IT solutions that are timely and affordable without sacrificing quality.

Our company thrives on top-notch collaboration and problem solving. We may be located in Tennessee, but we think on a global scale. This is who we are, but it also impacts what we do.

What We Do

From timely, expert consulting and services to full strategic planning and development, we can turn your systems into a systemic competitive advantage.

If your business repeatedly shares information and enables the consumption of this data across multiple channels, you need an API management strategy, which provides benefits like agility, cost efficiency, customer satisfaction, and newfound revenue streams.

Unify your organization with Microsoft SharePoint. Store your information in one location and reach all of your employees with this document management system and collaboration tool. Using SharePoint is simple, but implementation can be tricky. Companies need to accurately assess what they need from SharePoint and what SharePoint can do for them. Our consultants have the capabilities of effectively conducting this analysis.

A strong website is crucial in today’s marketplace, and Sitecore is a content management system that transforms the way you reach your target audience. Tailor your content while tracking analytics to make sure you’re getting a return on your investment. As an official Sitecore Solutions Partner, we can help your business improve its web presence and online marketing efforts.

Streamline your marketing efforts with Totus, a multichannel marketing tool that allows companies control and customization. Send email, print on demand, create direct mail campaigns, and order promotional materials all from one location. No agencies needed!

Why We Do It

To us, this is more than a job; it’s a mission. Our core values guide the work that we do and the decisions that we make. Our unwavering commitment to these tenets ensures that we will always act in the best interest of our customers and our industry.

core values